In the field of machine-processing industry in Northeast China, Jinlun has made great efforts to control, boldly innovate, overcome difficulties and bravely climb up to the advanced technical difficulties of the same industry. It has gradually transformed from low-end rough processing products into modern high-end machining industry, and has taken the lead in entering the exclusive production field of car differential in the province, and at the same time has also reversed the trend. The company not only speeds up the pace of occupying the differential production market, but also opens up new energy and environmental engineering fields, providing a strong guarantee for the development of Jinlun Group's enterprises.

  From the development, we can see that the old management mode of the company has changed thoroughly, from extensive management to a new type of scientific and technological enterprise which combines fine management with mass system. At the same time, the quality system management of the company is more perfect, and customer satisfaction is constantly improving.

  Through years of sustained efforts, the company has achieved continuous development of innovation and innovation. On the road of continuous deepening enterprise reform and development, the company has continuously economized on tapping potential and practicing internal skills, constantly improved enterprise service consciousness, constantly improved competitive advantage, and strived to become the most influential and sustainable development of the industry's outstanding enterprises.

  On the road of future development, all staff are confident and more determined. Under the correct leadership of the group company, we will unite and work together, overcome difficulties and strive to build the company into a large-scale domestic and international famous automotive parts and advanced technology enterprises. For the sake of the vision, let us work together and sail far!