Jin Lun industrial company creates daily sales of 208 Wan Xingao

2016-04-06 16:07

  According to the Ministry of General Affairs, Jinlun Industrial Co., Ltd. has been holding on to the sales target since the beginning of the year in order to ensure the realization of the annual sales target. We will continue to increase market promotion, timely adjust sales strategies, broaden sales channels, stabilize the existing market and expand new users in light of market changes. We will consolidate and expand our market share, constantly develop and innovate our sales products, enhance our production capacity, maximize the demand of market users, and expand our sales revenue. Continuously strengthen the construction of sales system, improve marketing ability, sales personnel in-depth sales market, seize the contradiction between supply and demand, tackle the difficulties, coordinate and solve the problems in the marketing, to ensure the completion of the sales plan. Logistics personnel constantly solve the bottleneck problem in the process of logistics, in the fastest and most effective way to ensure the smooth flow of logistics. Production personnel take the market as the instruction, adjusts the production rhythm, shortens the supply time, strengthens the quality control, guarantees the quantity to provide the market product.

  Through the unremitting efforts of the leaders and the staff of Jinlun Industrial Company, the company achieved sales of 2.08 million yuan on October 9, 2013. So that the sales market appeared a gratifying situation, laid a solid foundation for the next sales, but also to achieve the goal of annual sales to provide security.