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2015-11-02 15:57

--- remember the donation activities of Jin Lun group

  "This is the group's staff and trade unions a little bit of care, you must maintain the fight against disease, early recovery of health"... "Thank you for the leadership of the company"! Thank you!

  On Nov. 2, 2015, Mr. Duan Shiyuan, General Manager of Jinlun Group Company, Mr. Zhou Hongming, Vice General Manager of Jinlun Group Company and other major leaders as well as the chairman of trade unions of the company handed over the 35265 yuan donation of love and greetings to the staff and workers Bi Xiuli. The general manager of the group has repeatedly instructed the staff, Comrade Bi Xiuli, to build up confidence, face it firmly and strive for an early recovery. When we have difficulties, let's think about it together.

  Comrade Bi Xiuli took part in the work in 2005. She is an ordinary employee in the sweeping class of the comprehensive Department of Jinlun Group Company. She has been working in the company for nearly 10 years. She is kind-hearted, earnest and meticulous in her usual work. Her work within the scope of her duties will always be well received by everyone! Her family was not rich, and she had been alone for many years, raising a child of her own, but she never asked for anything from the company. Life is hard, but it is safe and happy.

  In the late August of this year, I felt uncomfortable. After checking in the hospital, I found that I had breast cancer. The doctor suggested that I should be hospitalized immediately for surgery. During the early treatment, platelet anticoagulation caused by splenomegaly was also detected. During the treatment of splenomegaly, the operation failed because of vasospasm. After the second operation for splenomegaly, the operation for breast cancer could be continued. However, during the first operation for splenomegaly, the operation for splenomegaly without coagulation was performed. More than 40,000 yuan has been spent on surgery, two later operations and the recovery stage of the treatment needs more than 100,000 yuan, for a single family and personal income of about 1,000 yuan she can not afford, the latter treatment of her family is undoubtedly an astronomical figure... (Because of her short working life, she has now gone through the retirement formalities, and after retirement because of family difficulties, can not pay personal medical insurance, so all the hospitalization expenses, all by individuals to bear).

  In the course of visiting, the trade union personnel of the company immediately reported to the general manager of the group company. When the company leader learns about this, he immediately put forward an initiative to all the staff of the group in order to make the unfortunate family overcome the difficulties. He hopes that the staff can help him. Bi Xiuli and her family, who are in deep water, are supporting a beautiful blue sky. (photo initiative)


  After the proposal was put forward, the leaders of the Group Company attached great importance to it and responded positively to all the staff. Under the organization of the trade union of the group company, on-site donation activities were held. At the meeting, General Manager Duan Shiyuan of the group company made an important speech on benevolence and helping the poor, and took the initiative to take the lead in making donations. At the same time, the leaders of the trade union in charge of the group company also made donations on behalf of the trade union of the company. The general managers, such as Zhou Hongming, Wang Wenqi, Wang Zeheng, Wang Chunsheng, Zhou Xuejiang, Jin Shaogang, and other leaders in charge of the departments, have come to the stage to make generous donations. They show their concern and sincere help to the patients with practical actions. At the end of the donation, leaders at all levels took pictures together at the donor scene.

  At the call of leaders at all levels, the group company employees have given their love and donations, the Fourth Ring workshop staff, Gu Shilong heard the news of donations, all of his money to express the love of Jinlun employees selfless dedication. In just a few days, 35265 yuan donation was raised.

  A little love will converge into a river, selfless help others, warm the true feelings. Up to October 30, the company raised 35.26 million yuan in charity, which for Bi Xiuli, can be said to be in the snow to send charcoal.

  (general manager Duan Shiyuan of the group company speaks at the donation spot)


(donation scene)


(group photo)

  On Nov. 2, the general manager and leaders at all levels of the group went to the hospital to visit Comrade Bi Xiuli, and sent the loving donations of all the staff to Bi Xiuli. Bi Xiuli and his family, who had received the money, were very excited. They thanked the company with tears in their eyes. Thank you, general manager! Thank the staff for her selfless help. She said she must strengthen her faith. Conquer the disease! After the recovery of the body, we should do more public welfare undertakings and repay the love people from all walks of life.

  The sickness is merciless, and the world is full of affection. The whole staff of the Jin Lun group handed in a satisfactory answer to the society with practical actions. All staff cast hope in true love and ignite life with love. Let's join hands, unite, love forever, create a harmonious society, continue to play a more beautiful chapter!

  (leaders of group companies send donations and send pictures of sympathy)