March, happy day

2016-03-18 09:32

Jin Lun group welcomes 38 women's day and reports on fresh flowers.

  March 8th is the International Women's Day and the Festival for all Chinese women. On this special day, the chairman of the group, Mr. Duan Shiyuan, sent a holiday greeting to all the female employees and the family members of the male employees in the group by short message. At the same time, bright roses were prepared for each female employee. With his thanks for the work of the female employees, he sent a holiday blessing.

  At 10:00 a.m., the chairman of the board of directors, holding flowers in his hand, visited the finance department, the comprehensive department, the Commerce Department of the company, and visited the departments and production lines of Jinlun Company, Jinlun Industrial Company, Jinlun Electric Company, Jinlun Science and Technology Company, Tiangong Environment Company of the Fourth Ring Road in succession. Members sent roses, but also sent Festival greetings, a red rose, not only represents a holiday gift, but also represents, the chairman of the group company's thanks to all the women workers! Thank them for their indomitable struggle in various positions, their unrelenting enthusiasm for work, but also thank them for years of hard work with the company, the spirit of joint venture.

  After receiving the flowers, the female employees thanked Mr. Duan for not forgetting their festivals. They also said that they would work harder in the future to create greater benefits for the development of the company. In the whole flower-sending activity, there were lots of laughter and cheers everywhere, which made the festival atmosphere more strong.

  In this celebration of the world's women, Mr. Duan Shiyuan, chairman of Jinlun Group, uses the Rose Delivery Activity to represent the true feelings of the company's leaders concerned about the employees and the sincere friendship of the employees.